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Weird Wednesday: Drop Dead Fred

File this one under "Who in the world was this movie made for?!" Much beloved by many people who were children in the early 90s, this fantasy comedy is about a young woman (Phoebe Cates of GREMLINS fame) whose mental health is taking a nose dive after her husband runs off with a young blonde. Kids love marital problems! Throw in some blue language and sexual situations, and it's a wonder any parent let their child view this odd BEETLEJUICE riff. Rik Mayall ("The Young Ones") is the titular DROP DEAD FRED. With a face as elastic as Jim Carrey and a unique screamy delivery he bulldozes through every scene, chewing it up and spitting it out. Cates gives an empathetic performance as the victim of an overbearing mother, a philandering husband, and the world's most obnoxious imaginary friend. Gross out hijinks ensue and some BIG life lessons are learned. Carrie Fisher co-stars as the supportive non-imaginary best friend!

Later Event: February 7
Fingerpistol at the Highball!