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Ken Russell's 'Crimes of Passion:' Director's Cut in 35mm

An ultra-rare 35mm screening of Ken Russell's director's cut!

Ken Russell’s second feature made in the U.S. (following the also incredible ALTERED STATES) and second collaboration with Rick Wakeman (following LISZTOMANIA) is among his best. Earnest, faithful husband Bobby Grady (John Laughlin) is put to the test when he encounters the world of China Blue (the great Kathleen Turner), a prostitute fulfilling the fantasies of perverts-galore. Her neon-splashed nightlife is a stark contrast to his bland homelife, brightened only by a TV set. He’s on her trail, hired by employees of her daytime self, Joanna Crane, successful fashion designer. Also spoiling her fun is a maniac preacher (Anthony Perkins, fantastic), slimy with sweat and holder of the world’s most threatening dildo. If she’s not turning tricks for the money, what’s she doing it for?

Wakeman’s score is the perfect companion to the wild, over the top narrative, including a music video interlude for “It’s a Lovely Life” with vocalist Maggie Bell scream-singing along. Sum total music + images is the best of what movies can do!

Print courtesy of the Academy Film Archive.